SEND @ Farmor's School

At Farmor’s, we believe that all children and young people are entitled to an education that will:

* Nurture each individual’s aspirations and talent

* Provide outstanding learning experiences and opportunities

* Promote respect for one another and the environment

* Encourage collaboration and partnership


We will endeavour to meet these aims by:

* Identifying and providing for students who have SEN and additional needs

* Working within the guidance provided by the SEND Code of Practice 2014

* Operating a ‘whole student, whole school’ approach to the management and provision of support for SEN

* Providing an Inclusion Manager (SENCo) who will work with the SEN policy

* Providing support and advice for all staff working with SEN students


Farmors' SEND Policy

Farmors' SEN Information report

Contact: Noelle Sturla 

  • ( 01285 712302

    : nsturla@farmors.gloucs.sch.uk

    The Learning Support Department is line managed by Mr Evans, Headteacher

    Mrs Dunmall (Admin Assistant) works Mon-Thurs from 0900 to 1445

    : hdunmall@farmors.gloucs.sch.uk

For further information on the Local Authority 'Local Offer' please go to www.glosfamiliesdirectory.org.uk/kb5/gloucs/glosfamilies/home.page





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