Farmor's Governing Board

The Role of the Governing Board

One good description is that the role of the Board of Governors should be to act as a critical friend to the school leadership team. They offer support while also providing challenge and a sounding board for ideas.

School Governors are one of the country's largest voluntary groups with around 300,000 contributing to strategic development and raising standards of achievement at more than 30,000 schools.

School Governors are drawn from different parts of the community. At Farmor’s they include parents, staff and a range of people proposed by the Foundation charity, the Ernest Cook Trust or approached by the Governors themselves to bring a particular skill or expertise. This helps ensure the Governing Board has sufficient diversity of views and experience but does not mean governors of a particular category represent that group on the governing board. For example, Parent Governors do not represent the parents at the school and do not report back to them.

The Governing Board has a range of duties and powers and a general responsibility for the conduct of the school with a view to promoting high standards of educational achievement. Its responsibilities include but are not limited to:

•             Producing and monitoring the various policies which set the framework in which the school operates

•             managing the school's finances

•             making sure the curriculum is balanced and broadly based

•             appointing staff

•             reviewing staff performance and pay.

The Farmor’s Governing Board consists of a maximum of 21 Governors.  For further details and to access their pen profiles please click here.




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