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It is the aim of Farmor’s School to make the examination experience as stress-free and successful as possible for all candidates. The external examination information booklet below, given to students in Year 10, contains useful exam information and FAQs. 
Key Dates for 2016 - 17
Sixth Form Examination Dates 2017
Subject order:
Date order:
Year 11
Important Exam information
Examination Dates 2017
Subject order:
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Presentation from Head of Year 11 on Exam Strategies:
Year 10
Year 10 Exam Guidance and Information:
Presentation from Head of Year 10: 
Current Examination Boards are as follows:
The awarding bodies (Exam Boards) have strict rules which must be followed for the conduct of exams and Farmor’s school is required to follow them precisely. Please read through the associated guidance below which is produced by the Joint Council for Qualifications:
Some GCSEs and A-levels changed for first teaching in September 2015, with further changes in September 2016 as the Government introduces new regulations about subject content and assessment. The January season no longer exists for GCE and GCSE. With the exception of GCSE Mathematics and English Language, re-sit opportunities in the same academic year are now removed. Students will have to wait a calendar year to re-sit the following Summer. All awarding bodies offering qualifications in England have to satisfy the same structural requirements set out by Ofqual and all students must enter the new linear specifications. The following is a useful timeline setting out the changes set out by Ofqual. The Ofqual document also gives a summary of these changes, including the new 9 - 1 GCSE gradings being introduced for 2017 Certification for English and Mathematics.
Further press releases on the  recent changes to GCE and GCSE qualifications can be found via the following link:
Summer Results 2016
If you or your parents have any queries or need help or advice at any time before, during or after the exams please contact: 
The Examinations Officer – Mrs R Mundy or
The Examinations Assistant - Mrs K Davis
The Exams Office is located in the Sixth Form Learning Resource Centre. 
The school telephone number is: 01285 712302 
Please DO NOT telephone exam boards directly; they will only refer you back to the school.
Useful websites you can refer to for hints and tips, past exam papers, results explanations, timetables, key dates etc, are: 
WJEC exam board   www.wjec.co.uk/students
Remember – we are here to help.       
Good Luck!


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